Saturday, March 16, 2013


Sorry I haven't been around. I've been working very hard for a promotion...AND I GOT IT!! I'm staying in my position, but I have been give full time status and benefits, as well as a transfer to a brand new store up the street from my house. I'm VERY excited to get started!! I am also ready to get back to posting. Even if its a short post daily, I want to make sure I'm getting something out there. So PLEASE keep reading!! I really appreciate knowing y'all are still with me!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finally Rested...Sorta...

After my long ramblings of not being able to sleep on my last post, I finally got some rest in the last week. Kinda. Things have been kinda crazy lately. Between work & nonstop on and off bad weather, it's been hard to find the time to just do anything. I've been getting in my workouts and still eating right. I'm definitely seeing a flatter stomach on me (when I step on the scale, I can look straight down and see the numbers!!), but my weight seems to be going up! I'm hoping it's just muscle for I can see some strengthening throughout my body.

Currently, I'm experiencing everyone's favorite monthly visitor. It's been tough since I haven't been "regular" in a few years & I am definitely feeling the pain. That could be another big reason for seeing a gain in the past week, but I'm staying positive and just focusing on what I'm noticing in my body changes rather than just the number on the scale.

I'm not quite ready to start tracking my weekly weigh-ins on here yet. I don't know why this time...but it just doesn't feel right just yet... Maybe in a few weeks, I'll feel confident in it again, but I think for right now, it just feels like I'm gonna send myself in spiral of depression if I start losing, but then gaining. I think I want to see a consistent loss before I start posting. Is that crazy? It seems like it makes sense...but it also feels kind of cowardly.

I'm still exhausted, so I think I'm gonna take a nap. I already went for a short run/walk with Chesney this morning and am planning to hit the gym later this afternoon. For now, I think I'm gonna cuddle up with a good book and just enjoy my day off (oh yeah...did I mention I'm off today? Haha). In fact, Chesney is already asleep!!

Hope everyone is having a great day :-) Thanks for being patient with my commenting (or lack thereof). I promise I've been reading though!!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can't Sleep

I'm having one of those nights where I just cannot fall asleep. I keep tossing and turning, but my eyes will just not stay shut. For now, I'm enjoying some Netflix and figured it would be a nice time to update my blog. I'm updating from my phone for the first time, so we'll see how that goes! ��

So things have been good lately. I've been working hard and focusing on eating right and working out. I've been tracking currently using the Lose It! app, which has been super wonderful!! Tracking is a million times easier when you have your iPhone by your side 24/7. I've also been looking into going back to Weight Watchers. Again, being able to track right on my iPhone is what I feel could make the difference this time. It's the little ways to making losing weight easier that really help and count.

Exercising has been good; still working on breaking into the C25K program. It's been tough since my back has been in rough shape lately, but I'm on painkillers now to help loosen things up back there and should hopefully be finding a good chiropractor/physical therapist soon to help get the rest of the kinks out. In the meantime, the elliptical has become a handy friend of mine! I'm also working on abs every night and have been playing Just Dance here and there for the extra cardio. I love how I can do the actual dances and feel like I got in a good sweat, or do the actual workout sessions and feel thoroughly exercised as well!!

This all being said, I am very happy with how my progress has been. I feel good about this year and am ready to make it the last year where my main resolution is to lose weight!!

Please keep on the lookout for comments soon!! I'm catching up on everyone's blogs now and love reading how y'all have been!!



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm Alive!!

AHH!! I am so sorry I haven't been around to post in FOREVER. This year has definitely gotten off to a quick start!!

I've already had to go to the doctors twice, and we're only on the 15th. I had the flu in the first week of the month & had to go get my back checked last week. Other than that though, things are going really good!!

Things have definitely been BUSY!! I've been working as much as possible & when I'm not working...I'm resting my back. It's been rough, but it's okay. I'm on a lot of painkillers hopefully in a few weeks, my back will just kind of untighten itself.

I have so much more to post...but I just wanted to make a quick one right now to let ya'll know that I am still here. Hope your years have gotten off to a good start!!

Thanks so much for sticking with me during my lack of posting!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So, these holidays have clearly been very busy...and I am sooo sorry I haven't been around to post!! But they have also been very wonderful. I got some great gifts & gave some fun presents as well. I'm Jewish, so I celebrated Hannukah and since my boyfriend is not, we celebrated Christmas as well. I can honestly say this was my first real Christmas with waking up early to go open gifts that were left under the tree. It was fun :-) and I'm very glad I got to experience it. My favorite gift had to be the ornament from my boyfriend:
They spelled my name wrong, but I loved it so much that I didn't care!! I also got a few of my favorite movies that I've been wanting:
I am absolutely obsessed with Pitch Perfect at this point in this gift was too perfect!! I also got a BUNCH of NC State stuff, which is always the best gift for me. Hehe

As for my boyfriend, he got a bluetooth for his Playstation 3, some movies, some board games (we play a LOT of board games), and some other random stuff.

The rest of the day was spent out in the country at his dads house, just relaxing and munching on snacks and drinking. It was a very nice day :-)

What did ya'll get?? How was your Christmas?? I hope it was absolutely wonderful, full of family & friends!!


Thursday, November 29, 2012


I know I have been so awful over the last year with reading & commenting on everyones blogs. That is something I am working on right now. I'm trying to refocus myself in the first place & then continue by reading everyones blogs again and making sure I comment :-)

I love seeing your comments to me too, so please continue to do so. I promise I am getting back into the habit myself & I've always discovered that if I comment, ya'll will comment back.

Thanks so much for your patience with me this last year. With December upon us & the new year right behind it, there are quite a few things I look forward to changing. Armed with my iPhone & Kindle Fire (COMING NEXT WEEK!!), I am prepared to change things once and for all. No more excuses!! I finally have the technology to constantly be in touch & intend to do just that.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving??