Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So, these holidays have clearly been very busy...and I am sooo sorry I haven't been around to post!! But they have also been very wonderful. I got some great gifts & gave some fun presents as well. I'm Jewish, so I celebrated Hannukah and since my boyfriend is not, we celebrated Christmas as well. I can honestly say this was my first real Christmas with waking up early to go open gifts that were left under the tree. It was fun :-) and I'm very glad I got to experience it. My favorite gift had to be the ornament from my boyfriend:
They spelled my name wrong, but I loved it so much that I didn't care!! I also got a few of my favorite movies that I've been wanting:
I am absolutely obsessed with Pitch Perfect at this point in this gift was too perfect!! I also got a BUNCH of NC State stuff, which is always the best gift for me. Hehe

As for my boyfriend, he got a bluetooth for his Playstation 3, some movies, some board games (we play a LOT of board games), and some other random stuff.

The rest of the day was spent out in the country at his dads house, just relaxing and munching on snacks and drinking. It was a very nice day :-)

What did ya'll get?? How was your Christmas?? I hope it was absolutely wonderful, full of family & friends!!


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