Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm Alive!!

AHH!! I am so sorry I haven't been around to post in FOREVER. This year has definitely gotten off to a quick start!!

I've already had to go to the doctors twice, and we're only on the 15th. I had the flu in the first week of the month & had to go get my back checked last week. Other than that though, things are going really good!!

Things have definitely been BUSY!! I've been working as much as possible & when I'm not working...I'm resting my back. It's been rough, but it's okay. I'm on a lot of painkillers now...so hopefully in a few weeks, my back will just kind of untighten itself.

I have so much more to post...but I just wanted to make a quick one right now to let ya'll know that I am still here. Hope your years have gotten off to a good start!!

Thanks so much for sticking with me during my lack of posting!


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