Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finally Rested...Sorta...

After my long ramblings of not being able to sleep on my last post, I finally got some rest in the last week. Kinda. Things have been kinda crazy lately. Between work & nonstop on and off bad weather, it's been hard to find the time to just do anything. I've been getting in my workouts and still eating right. I'm definitely seeing a flatter stomach on me (when I step on the scale, I can look straight down and see the numbers!!), but my weight seems to be going up! I'm hoping it's just muscle for I can see some strengthening throughout my body.

Currently, I'm experiencing everyone's favorite monthly visitor. It's been tough since I haven't been "regular" in a few years & I am definitely feeling the pain. That could be another big reason for seeing a gain in the past week, but I'm staying positive and just focusing on what I'm noticing in my body changes rather than just the number on the scale.

I'm not quite ready to start tracking my weekly weigh-ins on here yet. I don't know why this time...but it just doesn't feel right just yet... Maybe in a few weeks, I'll feel confident in it again, but I think for right now, it just feels like I'm gonna send myself in spiral of depression if I start losing, but then gaining. I think I want to see a consistent loss before I start posting. Is that crazy? It seems like it makes sense...but it also feels kind of cowardly.

I'm still exhausted, so I think I'm gonna take a nap. I already went for a short run/walk with Chesney this morning and am planning to hit the gym later this afternoon. For now, I think I'm gonna cuddle up with a good book and just enjoy my day off (oh yeah...did I mention I'm off today? Haha). In fact, Chesney is already asleep!!

Hope everyone is having a great day :-) Thanks for being patient with my commenting (or lack thereof). I promise I've been reading though!!


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