Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shopping Sunday

Welcome to my new blog schedule!! I've come up with some fun days that will help me to highlight different aspects of my life, shine some spotlight on my favorite bloggers, and share some ideas and interests.
Today is Shopping Sunday!! On Shopping Sunday, I will focus on two of my favorite things in the world - shopping & fashion!! A different store will be highlighted each week with the products that catch my eye from the website.
I don't know about ya'll, but I use fashion as one my biggest weight loss motivators. I studied fashion in school & love to dress up! Right now, at my current size, it's difficult to find fashion I love that fits. It doesn't help that I've always been very large up top (even at my thinnest, I had bigger boobs than most)...but I've finally learned to live with those & show them off properly. Now...I just gotta lose the weight because I'm ready to start shopping wherever again!!
As the weight drops, I think you'll start to see more pictures of me trying on clothes that I've been dying to try on & some of my favorite purchases as I build up my wardrobe again. Actually, you'll probably see the pictures of me building up my wardrobe currently...but that's just my shopping addiction at it's best.

This week, I will focus on my own store, Aerosoles. With the fall coming quickly, we've started receiving some of our boots & I LOOOOVE boots! Check out some of my favorite products now!!

Cityscape: I am absolutely in love with this shoe. We haven't received it yet in store, but I saw it early on our product posters and instantly knew it was for me. It has such a gorgeous classic look that is beautifully sophisticated & professional. I can't wait to try it on & fall in love with it in person! (source)
Gather All: This boot promotes the "gather" wedge for us & it's a wedge I've tried before that I know I love. This boot brings that great wedge along with a super cute look. In the fall & winter, I am ALL about leggings. This is a boot that will look so cute with them that I can't wait to match up all my outfits to the shoe! I still haven't decided on colors yet...but the boot itself is something I'm definitely sold on! (source)
Plum What May: This is a boot I saw on our product poster, but didn't really catch my attention until I saw it on the website. It's very cute with the buckle & extra layer on the ankle. The wedge is one that I already own & love, so I know it'll feel great on my feet. I have so many outfits that I know it would look great with, that I can't wait to get my hands on this boot when it comes in!! (source)

Here are three of my current favorites from Aerosoles right now!! We have TONS of amazing stuff on its way though, so go check out to pick out your favorite shoes or find your local store!!

Chime in:
-What do you think of the shoes I've chosen as my current favorites?
-What did you see on the website that you love?
-What kind of shoes are your favorites to wear?


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