Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Serious

Hello Everyone!!

I'm so sorry it's been forever since I've written a real blog post or commented on anybody's blog. Things have been kinda nuts lately, but after this last week at the beach (I got back last Monday), I decided that it was really time to buckle down and get this weight off.

That being said, I made a big trip over to Costco and have really started focusing on my eating and exercising. This week has kind of been a work out the kinks week, but I think I got it down.

The next move is a whole new blog renovation. I'm ready to do a day to day schedule of my posts & get creative with my writing!! Look out for the new schedule starting Sunday!!

The look of my blog will stay like this for a little while. I'm trying to save up some money in general for my future, so until I'm in a comfortable spot...I'm going to wait on redoing the look of my blog. Either way, I'm super excited to be back and ready to get this weight loss really going (FOR REAL THIS TIME!!)

It's funny...people always talk about that moment where it hit them that they needed to lose the weight. And while I've known that I needed to for awhile, it never really clicked how ready I was until now.

So buckle up & get ready to read's time get serious up in here!!



1 comment:

Ivy said...

Yay for motivation!! I need to buckle down too!! Darn weekend indulging is getting in my way!!