Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back Problems

So, it's no news to any of you that I have serious back problems at times. Other than my extra weight, I have very large breasts (even when I was thinner) and they cause me a lot of grief. My back is getting no worse & a week or so ago, my boyfriend accidentally sat on my legs while I was reading on my stomach, and my back has never felt worst!!

This being said, we have decided that I am going to start back strengthening. My boyfriend is a big weight lifter and he wants me to start focusing on rebuilding the muscles in my lower back.

Ya'll, this pain has gotten so bad that I'm not even sleeping most nights. I'm trying different positions to try and ease the pain, but nothing seems to help. It may be time to start visiting a chiropractor again.

Luckily, this back pain has not kept me from being active. While we have not been hitting the gym, we have been finding other ways to get activity in. We have started walking around the area more & checking out places we've never seen. In a month, I'm moving to a new apartment & I can't wait to be able to walk around the area and explore some while getting some great exercise in.

Now it's your turn to chime in:
  • Do you have any back problems? If so, what have you found helps you ease the pain?
  • Do you enjoy walking around your area? What are some of the cool places you've discovered by running or walking around your neighborhood?

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Plump Nonfiction said...

I have had 2 back surgeries for herniated discs. There was no hope for me to ease to the pain before the surgeries. I was in extreme pain and I seriously wanted to die a few times the pain so bad. The disc was out so far it was always touching my sciatic nerve.

I never would wish that on anyone.

The one thing that has eased my pain after surgery like nothing else... losing weight and exercising.

You should also try strength training for abdominal muscles as well as your back. Weak abdominal muscles can be a big part of a bad back.

If the pain is really bad, you should go to a doctor. The doctor would probably end up sending you to physical therapy and you could learn ways to ease the pain.

I've also had a few friends have breast reduction surgery and afterward the pain in their backs was gone.

Take care!