Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So Sorry

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I'm so sorry I haven't been posting as much lately or commenting on ya'lls blogs. Right now, school is my priority...but come May, I will be free as a bird & ready to blog it up with ya'll!!

Please forgive me as these posts are so scarce. I'm excited for graduation to get here, but until then...I still need to work my butt off in classes.



Regan said...

So awesome that your graduation is coming up! Take time to focus on your schooling because that is your #1 job right now.

If I recall correctly, you are at NCSU. If you are interested in running, the NCRC Women's Beginner Running Program will start in July. Shameless plug because I am the coordinator :-)

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

That's exactly where I was at last semester! You're almost there!