Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weigh-In Hold, obviously my weight loss ticker hasn't moved in some time. I unfortunately have gained back more weight than I've liked. I think it's mostly muscle since I'm still down in clothing sizes...but just to make sure, I'm going to put a hold on weigh-ins. I'm going to get back to where I feel comfortable posting & then start weighing in again. I know that sounds like the cheaters way out...but I will be keeping track of my calorie intake & calorie burn and doing personal weigh-ins...I'm just not going to post them for a little while.

I'm also going to FINALLY update my progress picture page. I'm still also looking for some help making my blog super real & professional after if someone knows someone who could help me do that...please let me know ASAP!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi :) I'm a new follower. I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm also trying to lose weight and blogging about it for accountability.

Sounds like you are doing well and that scale will be moving soon!

Have a great week!