Sunday, February 5, 2012


I had a GREAT Superbowl Sunday!! I hope you did too!!

I actually developed a bad rash last night (we're still not sure from what) I left work early to get that dealt with. I'm on Benadryl for the time being...but I may try to set up an allergist test soon since I'm not sure what it was to.

But I came home...ran by the pharmacy...then we went to a friends place for a little party. The food was CRAZY good. I tasted a little of everything, but didn't overdo it (at least I don't feel like I did...I split some stuff with my boyfriend which helped A LOT). But we enjoyed the party greatly!! The entire party was rooting for the we were going crazy at the end!! But WHAT A GAME!! Makes me remember why I love football so much!!

And then after I got home...I still got in my fab ab workout!! YAY!! That makes me feel good.

Gonna pass out while the Benadryl is kicking in!!


Emily said...

Sounds like you had fun but didn't over do it! A win here :D

MizFit said...

we had a fun one too but DAMN morning came early :)

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

It was a great game!!

Benadryl knocks me out too. Every time!