Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feelin' Good!!

I am feelin' gooooood this week!! I've been tracking EVERYTHING I eat (this may be the first week that I count even small bites that normally I tell myself...eh, what's the harm). It's definitely a step in the right direction. I've never been one to use my weekly points, but if it goes into my weekly points...well, that's what they're there for!!

I had a whopping gain of SIX pounds last week. I think most all of it was water weight & sodium, because I'm already down five of those pounds and weigh-in isn't even until Friday. I really think I could hit 262 or 264 this week!! Keep your fingers crossed!!

The only thing I'm really struggling getting back into is working out. I'm counting work as activity points right now (if you've worked retail, you understand how that is TOTALLY a small workout), but I need to get myself back at the gym. I keep telling myself that once my hours go back to normal, I'll be able to go again...but I'm scared I won't be. I have to find something to get myself in there...I know once I go once, I'll start going again regularly. Definitely aiming for tomorrow since it's my day off!!

Sorry I haven't been commenting!! I've just been soooo busy with work. But I promise to get back on top of everyones blogs ASAP!!

Hope ya'll are having a great week!!


Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

YAY for tracking! I really need to get better at it myslef and no worries about the commenting, it's been hectic here too! :)

Erica Marie said...

I need to get back on track with tracking my food. When I first started my journey I was soooo good about it! Then I stopped, completely. Some days I have good intentions & will track breakfast and maybe mid day snack but after that I stop. It's disappointing, I know from experience how great of a tool tracking what goes into your mouth is!

I also work in retail, & yes it very much so it's own little workout haha, I also need to get back into the swing of the gym. I can get addicted in a way to working out, the blood pumping, heart racing, sweating & all around happier mind set from it. But once u take that step away from it, it can be brutal to get back.

Overall I TOTALLY FEEL THIS WHOLE POST lol. Good luck hun, You can get back into going to the gym! JUST REMEMBER, taking the first step IS ALWAYS the hardest..once you get past that you'll feel better for it! :)

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

I used to work retail. I know how hard it can be to get motivated to do much of anything after a long day on your feet. Sounds like you're getting back on track! Yay for you!!