Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

Welcome to another day of being scared to step on that scale!!

I had a pretty good week, I think. Even though I went up to D.C. for the weekend, I really didn't eat badly and was proud of my choices. The worst thing I ate was a piece of chocolate mousse, and after 2 bites, I gave it to my dad for him to finish. That way I still got to eat some of the deliciousness without overindulging.

As for working out, I haven't really hit the gym this week...but, of course, in D.C. you walk practically EVERYWHERE, so I got a TON of walking (uphill at that) in and am actually still feeling the back pains from walking up so many hills.

In the end, I lost 4 pounds this week :-) Granted, 3 of those pounds were the ones that I had gained the week before...but 1 of those pounds was just an extra treat for being good!!

Let's hope next week is just as generous to me!!


P.S. I've been thinking about moving my weigh-ins to Fridays. It's just so hard to only have 2 days to recover from any extra indulgences I may allow myself on the weekend and I ALWAYS feel lighter when Friday rolls around. What do you think?? Any opinions?? What day is your weigh-in??


Cori said...

I weigh-in on Sundays...I used to do Fridays BUT I have to say that weighing on Sundays really makes me stay on track over the weekend!

Needak Rebounder said...

4 pounds is awesome! I am working my tush off so hard, interval training three times a week on my mini trampoline and then swimming every day in between because I so desperately want to shed the pounds! I love it when I hear about other people's positive weigh in days - for some reason knowing someone else is losing weight just makes me feel even better about losing my own weight - its like every time some loses a pound its proof for my brain that losing weight is a reality, not just a pipe dream. Congrats and keep up the good work!