Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Update

Just a quick update...

Sorry I haven't been posting...I went to D.C. for the weekend to visit family & friends. Had a great time...can't wait to go back again. Definitely considering it as a place I want to be after graduation.

Gained 3 pounds last week :-( But I was down 5 on hoping that will be the case next weigh-in...or even more!!

Got my blackberry & am OBSESSED with it!! I got the blackberry bold, for those of you who had asked. And they do not lie about the term "crackberry." Not one bit!!

More details on life later. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!


1 comment:

Miz said...

oooh and this is the week I finally get a new phone.

do you LOOOVE for twitter as well? :)