Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pre-Made Meals

So, I've been writing down what I plan to eat the next day for the past few weeks...but tonight, I took it a step further. I'm going to be working 12-8 tomorrow, so to avoid wanting to eat mall food...I pre-made all my meals! I have to say...I feel good knowing I took the time to put everything in my awesome Hannah Montana lunchbox (you heard me right...I have a Hannah Montana lunchbox...but if anybody finds a Glee one...LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY!! I want a Glee lunchbox [which I don't think they make yet] SO BAD!!)

But, anyways...I already have a Smart Ones at work, so I'll eat that for dinner...but I packed up a yummy tuna sandwich on a sandwich thin, some apple slices, a special k bar, a weight watchers carrot cake, and some cottage cheese with cinnamon. ADDITIONALLY, I went through and I put everything down on a list WITH their point values (with exception of the Smart Ones at work, since I can't remember what it was) to make sure I wasn't going over. I packed a TON of food, so I was sure I had...but I only have about 27-29 (based on what the Smart Ones is) eaten for tomorrow!! Not going over at all :-)

I really hope this works!! I need to see a major loss this week!!

Well, I gotta get to bed...waking up early tomorrow to be at the gym by 9. Yay! Hehe



Raegun said...

Love this! My best days are the ones for which I plan my lunch and snacks the night before. Having them all ready to go, pre-measured and counted, makes things so easy.

Cutiebugg92 said...

You are doing so good. I find that packing my meals the night before definitely helps me not binge.

Miz said...

this is 100% what worked for my husband.

is WORKING for my husband.