Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mid-Week Weigh-In

I don't know if ya'll do mid week weigh-ins, but I always do because I like to see where I'm at and if I need to be working harder until Wednesday or if I'm doing things just right.

This week was a good week :-)

I'm back down to 277 at the moment (and hopefully even more by Wednesday!). I learned something yesterday with my eating that I'm SO happy I figured out now, rather than later. Last night, for dinner, I messed up with the Smart Ones at work (it was one I had eaten the night I didn't want to eat that two nights in a row), so I went to Panera and got a sandwich. It ended up being a total of 22 points!! I had NO idea it would do that. HOWEVER, I didn't go over my points at all with it worked out. But I learned that even though not everything is what it seems, I can afford to treat myself to some of my "bad" favorites every now and then and still lose the weight.

I'm definitely happy about this. I won't be getting that sandwich again anytime soon...but if I have the points to spare & I'm feeling it...then I know I can do it and still be okay.


Off to another LONG day at work...


dawne said...

I call it my sneak peek weigh in. :)

Raegun said...

I try to weigh myself only once a week, but it never lasts. Within 3-4 days I'm always jumping back on the scale again. Way to balance the 'treats' - having a small indulgence is okay....sometimes it's what keeps me on track!

Cutiebugg92 said...

I try not to but that is me and I know I will sabotage myself. I will either so oh I can afford to eat a cheeseburger or oh crap and starve myself.

Plump Nonfiction said...

I weigh in on Thursdays. Then on Mondays I start weighing myself daily at the same time until weigh in day. It helps me stay in line :-)