Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Gym :-)

So...tonight was the first time at my brand new gym. It went great!! My friend came with me & we had a great workout on the elliptical. Tried to do the treadmill, but they were all full. We'll have to figure out a time to go when it won't be so crowded.

I really enjoyed it there. I didn't feel like the everyone was looking at me and just worked out. I watched some Jersey Shore and listened to some Darius Rucker. I just need to get a lock now so that I can make sure my purse and stuff stays safe in the locker room.

After the gym, we went and made a delicious salad for dinner at my friends place. It had spinach, walnuts, craisins, chicken, apples, and some raspberry walnut dressing. It was YUMMY!! We predicted it was about 300 calories a serving, and had LOTS of protein!! Here's a picture of it:

I have to say...I'm really excited about losing weight this time. I'm excited about the future & getting back to my old size. If that's not motivation...then I don't know what is!!



Finding The Thin Within said...

YAY! good luck girl! and make 2011 your year =)

<3 Katie

MizFit said...

loveloveloveloveLOVE the excitement and even more than that the fact that you ENJOYED the new gym
heres to 2011