Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Weigh-In of the Year!! was the first weigh-in of the year. And the FINAL starting over weigh-in of this journey. I'm so ready to get this weight off, and I'm excited to do it. I weighed in at 282.0 today and am ready to get these pounds off!!

All these shows on TV lately have become such an inspiration. I've put them on my iTunes so I can put them on my iTouch and bring them to the gym with me.

The new gym is great. Working out is going great. Eating is going great. I feel like everything is on track right now and my mindset is better than ever.




~Pearl said...

Good Luck to you! You're going to do fantastic and I look forward to watching your progress and cheering with you!

Bonnie said...

Good luck! I'll look forward to following your progress - I know it's going to be a great year. On a side note - a question - do you prefer the iTouch or an iPad at the gym? I'm thinking on the elliptical especially. Thanks!

Bonnie said...
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