Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So, I'm trying this new thing right now where I write down what I plan to eat the next day and when before I go to bed at night. That way...I have a set schedule & I know how many points I'm consuming.

Hopefully it works!!

Super sore from an HOUR AND A HALF workout yesterday. I've never worked out for that long, but it felt SO good & I def want to do it again. So I skipped today to give my body a little rest, but it's right back to the gym first thing tomorrow!! (Well, after class...but second thing tomorrow!!)

How have ya'll been doing? I feel like I never have time these days to update myself on how everyone is doing!!


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Shan said...

A preplanned day really helps! It gives you less of a chance to talk yourself into something bad for you! I should do it more often. I usually plan my food around 8-9 am after breakfast that day. I really should do it the night before!

With your break, did you miss the gym? I took a break on Tuesday, and by Wednesday morning, I was JONESING for some gym time! It was a great feeling.