Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Official!!

I'm on Weight Watchers!! I joined last night & started this morning. For this week, I'm going to play around with everything and eat as I have been these past few weeks and track that and then go from there. I'm doing this in order to see what exactly needs to be changed and which foods I can improve on. I'm very excited & so far it's going well!

Last time I signed up for Weight Watchers, I don't think I was actually committed. I think I told myself I was, but in reality...I wasn't ready to full dedicate myself to this process. This time is so different...I can just feel it. I've spent any free time I've had today looking up some of my favorite foods, playing around with the cheat sheets, looking up recipes, and just reassociating myself with the program.

I have to say...I'm very excited for the premier of "Heavy" tonight on A&E. I'm a HUGE intervention fan and I just know this show is going to be intense!! Are ya'll gonna tune in??


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Weas said...

Congrats on joining WW again! Sounds like you really have your head in the right place :)

Good luck, I can't wait to follow your journey :) hope to hear from you sometime!