Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pizza Luau

So, I've decided to do a cooking night every Thursday where I basically make a recipe from one of the Hungry Girl cookbooks. I'm going in order, just so I can keep track of what I've cooked and the only cookbook I have right now is the HG 1-2-3 one, so tonight I cooked PIZZA LUAU!!
I paired it with some spinach salad & I have to admit, it was very good and filling. Only 6 pointsplus!! This is definitely my way of learning how to cook without making things overly difficult for myself.

I stayed completely within my points today and actually have 18 left! I guess planning out my meals for the day really does work :-) Let's hope that the scale thinks so too!

Workout today went well. Just did a quick 33 minute on the elliptical, but it felt good since I missed it yesterday :-) Tomorrow morning will probably be on the elliptical & maybe the bike, plus some weights.



Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

Hawaiian pizza is my favorite. this looks delish!

Joy said...

Wow that looks great!! I love the idea of taking one recipe at a time. I get so overwhelmed that I don't even open up cookbooks anymore!

Great job staying within your points!!!

Stay focused!!

Shan said...

Is that made on an english muffin? It looks yummy! I'm doing a similar thing w/ recipes on Friday, hehe. I have this Southern "diet" comfort food cook book. It teaches how to cook good ol' Southern comfort food healthfully. I've tried a few recipes before, but got out of habit of using the book like a dolt.

Tonight I'm making my first recipe again *grin*...I'll be posting pics later tonight of my meal.. YAY!

Leanne said...

I have the HG 200 Under 200 cookbook and everything I've made so far from it has been delicious!! Can't wait to follow your journey. :-)