Wednesday, October 13, 2010


That point in the semester in which I really start hardcore focusing in classes has begun and I'm happy to say this has easily been my best semester in doing it yet far. I'm determined to get my work done & excited about graduating in May. But oh so nervous at the same time!! I's SCARY!! The real world is so close that I can taste it...but is it something I'm ready to fully take on??

As for weight focus, that's been pretty good too. I've always found that when everything falls in place at the same time, things get a million times easier. The stress on my shoulders just lifts up and I feel like it was never there. It's amazing...and it's happening right now. I feel more organized. I feel less tired all the time. I just generally feel better overall.

I'm still looking into rejoining Weight Watchers. I just hope I can actually do it this time. I've tried it at least twice before and ended up quitting. What's going to be different about this time? I'm ready to make the change...but, like graduating, it just seems so scary. I don't know why though...were ya'll scared when you started your journeys? Why??



Finding The Thin Within said...

You got this, Lyndsey! WW is great =) The biggest thing is to start becoming more open to different foods. Don't try to eat pizza and candy within your points. You won't last long.

Good Luck!

<3 Katie

Me said...

Any new journey is scary!
You are leaving a safe place and going out into the unknown. That is always a bit nerve wracking, at least.
Just don't let those nerves get the better of you and stay true to yourself.
Good luck at school!