Saturday, October 16, 2010

Half a Pound

Sorry I haven't posted these last two days--plus, I missed Music Video Friday. I've just been busy with work...although, I gotta say...I'm caught up on homework for the first time in a long time, and it feels great.

So, even though I try not to weigh myself daily, I've been making little checks all week because I felt I wasn't doing great lately. But, apparently, I'm losing about half a pound a day!! At least that's what my scale is showing. I'd LOVE to be down to 270 by Weigh-In Wednesday (I missed this week due to know how that goes...), so I'm gonna throw in some extra hard workouts and keep eating on track. I've started fully counting calories again and I think that's really done the trick.

We're going to the State Fair tonight, so I'm a little nervous about food. I was thinking in my head, "What do I usually get and what can I count out this year?" I'm gonna still go ahead and get my warm apple cider...and while I usually get a corn dog for dinner (corn dogs have been one of my FAVORITES since I was a kid), I think I'm going to try some of that corn that everyone keeps telling me about. Haha. As for dessert, I'll probably treat myself to something...but I plan to split it with a friend, so I don't feel like I'm totally destroying everything. There's no need to starve myself when I can still eat...just have to make smart decisions.

Well, I'm off to sell some shoes until fair time. Cheering on my WOLFPACK today as they take on those rotten ol' Pirates over at ECU. LET'S SHOW THEM WHY WE'RE 5-1!! GO PACK!!



Raegun said...

I haven't been around this past week or so due to a lot of craziness at work, but I'm happy to read you've been doing so well! Congrats on the loss!

Biz said...

I've been to the Iowa State fair before, and I am not sure there was anything that wasn't deep fried - good luck on your choices!

And the hot apple cider is totally worth it! :D

Miz said...

how went the fair?

when I lived in NC and worked as a trainer my clients would bank their calories and workout extra hard ALL IN THE NAME OF THE DEEP FRIED OREOS.

and you know what?

once a year I couldnt argue with them :)