Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shopping Sunday - Avenue

Welcome to another Shopping Sunday!! Recently, I made my first trip to Avenue & absolutely fell in love with it. While I can still fit into some regular stores clothing (just depends on fit), I was really excited to find a plus-size store that was still very stylish and pretty.

I've been looking for some more maxi dresses for awhile now & today I would like to feature some of Avenue's dresses. They are sooo cute & super fun!! With summer almost over, now is the time to stock up on some of those great deals for the next season. Luckily, living in the South, it'll still be warm for a few more hopefully I could get some use out of these before they're completely out of season.


These three dresses are so fun & flirty that I absolutely fell in love with them upon seeing them. The first one has such beautiful colors & a really fun print, I would love to be able to wear it with wedges and a quick light jacket for an extra touch. It would be super great for an easy night out or lunch with friends. The second dress is a bit dressier, but still really casual & flirty. It would look really cute with some sandals & a cute tan bag. Definitely great for date night! The third dress weighs in on my love of paisley & would be awesome with some purple wedges & sandals (I won't lie...I'm not a huge fan of the shoes that the girl was pictured wearing. To me, they just don't go with that dress.) Again, this would be great for a simple night out or date night.

I'm definitely going to consider these dresses & ya'll should go check out what they have in stock as well. They have some really cute things that are so stylish!

Chime in:
-What do you think of these dresses? Where would you wear them?
-What do you like from the Avenue site? Have you ever shopped here before?


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