Saturday, April 7, 2012

Job Hunt

Yay!! Actually have time to post today!! So, the time for job hunting has finally approached and I am looking hard. It's difficult because there are so many scam jobs out there today & the ones that do appear to be for my skillset and are real require so many more years of experience. It's hard to find entry-level nowadays!!

So...I turn to you all...what did you do to find your first job out of school? Who did you search for and how did you apply? Thanks to the internet, all it takes is one click to have your resume submitted to most companies. But getting noticed is hard.

I applied for a few corporate positions at my current company (none of which I was qualified for) and it was enough to get myself noticed. My name is now in their memory & the HR director even contacted me to ask me if I would be interested in future entry-level jobs should they open up.

Right now, my manager has spoken with me about going full-time in the store. While I would really like to have weekends off, it's an opportunity...and a good one at that. Right now, I keep finding myself needing to rethink and most likely take her up on that option. This company has been good to me and if they can offer me even more opportunities, than why not take it??

I'm kind of at a lost right now. I had an interview with another company the other day, but I kind of feel...confused about the position. I feel like I may be getting tricked into something & the more I research and look into it, the more uncomfortable I become.

What are ya'lls thoughts?? I'm working with the career center & online job boards to find something. My friend also knows a great recruiter who she wants me to meet up with. But, what are some other things that I could do? What makes me stand out above all the other applicants??



Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

I'm pretty much in the same position right now. I just picked up a part time job doing what I want to do with my degree. I'd rather be full time, but it could turn into that. So I'll work 2 part time jobs. But it's experience! It's so hard to get a job right now without the experience... so I'm working on that. Good luck!

Killermelofy said...

Im 20 and Ive never had a job before and its not that I did not want a job or anything like I just cant seem to find one. I went to Everest College and they are supposed to help you find a job but they are a joke. Every job I see does need a lot of experience and I just dont have any. I cant even get a job at a retail store soo I dont know Im just trying to work on myself right now and not worrying about the job thing at the moment