Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fab Ab February

Welcome to February - where I finally kick my butt into high gear!!

I started today with a workout after lab & a salad for lunch. I also began Fab Ab February, a workout I found on Pinterest!! Here's the calender, if ya'll wanna join or repin!!

I love that they up the momentum with everyday & am excited to see what my abs look like at the end of the month!!

Good day so far!! Now just for a quick nap before my last evening class.



Jessikins said...

love the title of the post! I am fairly new to the blog world... I just started my own blog in January! looking forward to reading yours!

Emily said...

This looks really good! I may try it!!

Joy said...

Sounds great!! Good luck!

Stay focused!

Jessikins said...

Hey I tagged you in my blog today! Come take a look!