Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sick Laptop

Sorry for the lack of posting!! My laptop got sick and I have yet to get it fixed. I'm posting this from my iTouch and will at least try to do a few small posts from here until my computer is all better.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!! No resolutions again...but I have a goal set to lose 40 more pounds by graduation in May. 10 pounds a month seems reasonable. What are ya'lls goals??



Me said...

Sorry to hear about your laptop. (I say; get an Apple! ;) Sorry, am biased.)

My goal for this year is getting Balance in my life; work-life, emotional and energy wise.

May 2012 be a fantastic year!

Annie ~ Slim By Fifty! said...

Hope your lappy gets better! I am your newest follower from Warwick, England!