Friday, November 25, 2011

11.5 hours later...

My feet are swollen & I have sold over $1700 in shoes. Black Friday was a success at our store & I am feeling it!! I barely ate today because the adrenaline was running high & am in bed at 6 pm about ready to pass out.

How was ya'lls Black Friday?? Did anybody do any shopping?? Did anybody else work it??

Thanks for remembering to be kind to your salespeople!! We work REALLY hard & give up our holiday time to help you. We had excellent customers at our store today & it made me so happy to work for a company that treats their customer right and gets treated right in return :-)



daria said...

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Amy Benitez said...

I worked Black Friday at Lane Bryant and it was pretty crazy. Everything was 50% off and it was a mob scene. Lesson: don't stand between plus size women and their reduced price clothing

Anyway-- I love your blog and I hope you had a good Thanksgiving despite being away from your loved ones! :)

Karla said...

No black Friday for me, bless you :)
Retail is a brutal biz