Monday, June 6, 2011

Weigh-Ins Moved to Fridays!

So...I finally went ahead and moved my weigh-ins to Friday. My biggest problem is that I typically allow myself a freebie day on the weekends, and it's hard to recover from that when weigh-in is on Wednesday. So this way, I give myself all week to focus on my body & health...then the weekend, I can let loose a little when I go out with friends and fully recover before I have to step on the scale again...make sense??

Now I'm off to a new day at work!! Working 40 hours a week at a retail job is crazy tiring...but, luckily, I love it and retail is definitely where I'm meant to be. I'm happy there :-) Yay! Workouts have been slack lately due to my hours & lack of sleep...but I really am trying. Even if it just means taking a walk around the mall on my least it's something!!

Hope everyone is ready for what I hope is a fantastic week for all!!


1 comment:

Melissa said...

I have always had them on Fridays, because after weigh in we like to have lunch at our favorite authentic Mexican food at Su Casa. lol

Have a fantastic week too!