Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hard Work

Moving is hard work!! I guess because I'm living alone this time & I don't have help 24/7, it's a lot more difficult...but I'm exhausted. I'm almost done though!! My check out appointment at the old place is on Thursday morning. Everything is already moved out of there with exception of ONE box & a few small items I can just throw in my purse. I just have to clean & load my car up with all the stuff I found for Goodwill...then out forever!!

Other than that...finding time for everything else has been difficult. Luckily, with all the lifting and walking up and down stairs I've been doing...I've definitely gotten my workout in. And I've been eating well too! Something about living alone just makes me want to eat healthy...I don't know why. It's weird...but such a good feeling.

Today is my day off of work, so I just got home from moving some more stuff...and now I'm gonna rest until it's not burning up outside & I can move more stuff with ease. I don't want to start unpacking until everything is here...so that will be Friday will be the start of unpacking (my next day off).

I'll post pictures soon!!


safire said...

Good luck with moving! I have to move before my lease is up July 11th too.. I am so not looking forward to it...

At least you are getting exercise from moving your stuff :) I enjoy unpacking and organizing a lot more!

Marlee said...

Haha when I live by myself I always eat healthier too! Great job on your progress, keep it up I know you can do it!

Jassi said...

I absolutely love moving. It's so much fun. I'm a restless type person.

I can hear ya on living alone and wanting to eat healthy. I always think that it has something to do with the fact that there's no pressure to conform with the people you're living with. Might just be me though.

I have an award for you! http://jassisweight.blogspot.com/2011/05/stylish-blogger-award.html