Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weigh-In -- Stupid TOM :-(

So, even though I've been eating right this week & exercising, I saw a gain. I'm not overly worried since I know it's probably because of TOM...not to mention how little sleep I've been getting because of finals.

I came up with a pretty standard meal menu for everyday that I'm going to start tomorrow. Basically, I have to have a smoothie for one meal a day (probably breakfast), a salad (probably lunch), one fruit for snack, and one vegetable for snack. Then the third meal is a freebie--obviously something still healthy, but it can change everyday. I'm excited since I LOVE smoothies & salad, so I think this may actually be doable. We'll find out soon enough!!

In other news...I finally received my 12 Days of Christmas Swap package!! Since it's the third day, I get to open THREE presents tonight!! I'll be sure to post what I got from my partner, Michelle, right away!! CAN'T WAIT!! :-)


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