Friday, November 19, 2010

Looooooong Week

I'm this is gonna be a quick one...

With the end of the semester just around the corner, work has been nonstop lately. I've been staying up late, working on assignments. But it's all over and I'm ready to enjoy my weekend!! My friend is coming into town and tonight we're going out with my co-workers, so that's going to be fun!! Karaoke!! Ahh!!

Then tomorrow of course, we're taking on UNC in football--the BIGGEST game of the year!! So much is on the's all very exciting & scary!! Hopefully we can pull out a W and continue our path to the ACC Championship!!

Then I have to work for a few hours tomorrow night, but will probably hang out with some friends after that and just enjoy the break.

I gotta take a nap now though...but just wanted to keep everyone posted. I've had a GREAT eating week and am feeling good about things. I just wish I was allowed to workout more, but the doctor told me to take it easy right now and just work on walking. Walking is great, but it just doesn't feel intense enough. Hopefully I can start adding more things in again next week!!


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