Monday, October 11, 2010

DC Update that I'm finally feeling a little bit alive again after some much needed rest...I thought I'd post my update on how DC was.

I had such a great time. I always loving heading home & spending time with family and friends. I'd post everything we did, but this trip was mostly just relaxing and hanging out. There were no real plans. My mom had a bike ride on Saturday, so we picked her up in the late afternoon out in Maryland. OH!! On Saturday morning, when we were at my sisters soccer game, waiting for her to play...we watched OBAMA'S daughters game. And yes...HE WAS THERE!!

Now...I'm not Obama's biggest fan. I just don't agree with him on a lot of things...but this was still pretty freaking cool!! I often do you see Obama in jeans and a jacket, just enjoying time with the family. CRAZY!! He even waved to us as he left the game.

On Saturday night, I went out with some friends I haven't seen in FOREVER. That was really nice & fun. Then on Sunday, after brunch with the family, it was time to head back to Raleigh.

Overall, a very good weekend and I can't wait to visit again :-) Unfortunately it won't be until at least January. Oh well...

Eating was pretty in check while up there. I ate some stuff I don't usually eat...but kept portions in control & stopped eating once I felt full. Plus, with all the walking we always do up there, I definitely got a good amount of exercise!

Hope everyone had a good weekend & is off to an awesome week!!


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