Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, being that the only other Aerosoles store in the state of North Carolina is located in Charlotte, we of course HAD to stop by there well we were in town. And, being the prepared girly that I am, I checked to see if they had a particular boot that I was DYING to get since it was shipped to our store in Raleigh-Durham on Monday. However, they didn't ship my size in the brown to the store I work at...but they did to Charlotte!!

So...lo and behold, I am now the proud owner of these adorable Aerosoles boots--Serial Port!!

Serial Port: Looks like a mini riding boot, feels like your favorite bedroom slipper. Leather straps wrap around the ankle and cinch in place with a strategic side buckle. Side pull-on straps with studs and a 3" heel, flexible rubber sole and cushioned man-made sueded footbed. ($140.00)

I am absolutely obsessed with them. In addition to those, we purchased some shoes for my sister & mother, who also get to take advantage of my 50% discount (oh yeah...and please note that the prices I post for these shoes are the prices that Aerosoles are currently charging--not my discount price. I want to be clear in case ya'll find something you want to buy!! :-D).

Yesterday was pretty much a shopping day. I got some much needed cover-ups for this strapless black dress that I haven't been able to wear to work because I haven't had anything to cover my shoulders. Then I got this really cute scarf that was just too pretty to pass up. I also got a Vera Bradley curling iron cover to use on my straightener, which was another thing that I just really liked, so figured why not.

We also discovered this spicy lentil thing at Costco that was soooo good, everyone with us ended up buying a box of it!! I'll have to post more about this later, plus some pictures!!

I'm really proud that I've found the time to post every morning since this trip started. We'll see how well that lasts once we hit the beach, but it's nice to know I can keep everyone updated on my trip!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!



Raegun said...

Score! Those boots are so cute. I don't what it is about 'back to school' time, but I always find myself craving a new shoe wardrobe at this time of year.
Can't wait to hear about the lentil stuff! They are a staple around here. ;)

Erica Marie said...

I love shopping!! Thanks for sharing, I now feel like i shopped vicariously through you, without having to spend any money! lol I'm so glad you're having a great vacation already in just a few days! :)

Love the boots!! <3

Blossom said...

Those ARE beautiful boots!!

Me said...

Shopping......yes yes yes yes Love it!
Nice boots. I have my eye one a lovely grey, sort of Mary Poppins pair of boots. Will have to wait till next month and money! LOL
Love the heels on yours. I should wear my heels more often. I know heels can make you look better. Hihi.

MizFit said...


and miss north carolina (chapel hill in the house!) still.

after 10 years away.


Gofer said...

OOH is it the Madras lentil stuff that's vegetarian if so those are sooo good with some brown rice yummy yum yum

Anonymous said...

I hate to shop. I admire you. My mom has to drag me shopping if she wants to go. Love the boots though!

Laura said...

Love your boots! and congrats on your weight loss (a few posts back)! Keep up the great work! Those boots seemed like the perfect reward!

Laura @ (formerly win lose or blog)