Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So, if you haven't been updated yet...I was going to move my weigh-in date to Fridays, but then that felt like I was making excuses & not being honest with it was moved back to Wednesdays.

I lost 3 pounds this week :-) That feels really good after a 1 pound gain last week. Feels like I truly am on track and doing good things. Crazy question...but I'm always told the first week that you do this, most people lose loads of weight. Like 10 pounds. Does anybody find it weird that I never lost an initial 10? Went straight to 2-3 pounds a week?

Day off today!! Gonna workout & tan (beach soon!! I need some color) then we'll see where the rest of the day takes me. Hopefully, it's a good one!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!



Plump Nonfiction said...

There have been times I've started and lost almost 10 pounds in a week and there have been times I've only lost 1 pound. A loss is a loss no matter how much. If you are losing, you are on the right track :-)

Plump Nonfiction said...

Oh yeah... BTW, CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSS!!! lol

Alyssa said...

I'd never heard of losing 10lbs initially. Though, that seems to be where I'm headed... I'm down 6lbs from when I started but I don't know how much of that is natural fluctuation.
Congrats on your loss!!! 4 lbs is a lot!
Oh and no I don't watch the office. Is there a fish named Dwight Howard? haha! He's actually my roommate's fish and he's name after the Magic player.

Aud said...

Go girl!! A loss is a loss! Sometimes I do that big loss at the beginning and sometimes it takes my body awhile to kick in (can you tell I am a pro-dieter?) I hope this is the last "diet" we both go on!! :) Congrats.