Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fruit Salad--Yummy Yummy!!

So, I had one of the best eating days. I can tell...I really am finally on the right track. I don't even want to eat the bad stuff anymore!! Plus, the more weight the scale shows me losing, the more I want to lose even more!!

But, for lunch today, I made this fruit salad that seriously filled me up for the rest of the day until dinner. It was PERFECT! I was SO happy since on my last day off, I felt hungry alllll day. I even took a picture to show ya'll how deliciously good it looked (at least I thought it did!)

I put in a cut-up orange, banana slices, blueberries, and grapes! It was so filling & delicious!! I'm DEFINITELY going to make it again!!

Tomorrow night, my friend who cooks DELICIOUS healthy dinners is gonna teach me to cook some!! I'm VERY excited since we've been discussing getting together to do this FOREVER. I will update about the menu and post pictures tomorrow night!!

Isn't it great how weight loss causes you to just be in such a good mood??

Hope everyone had as wonderful a day as I had!!



Leah said...

Yes, I fully agree how weight loss can put you in a good mood, and I will definitely have to make a fruit salad one day for my lunch... hopefully that will help me out some too!! And if you get any good recipes you should definitely share!! I love finding new and delicious HEALTHY recipes! :)

TJ said...

Thanks for finding me! :) Congrats on the loss this week!! :) Cooking with a friend is FUN! Can't wait to see what you cook up! :)

KellyNY said...

It's absolutely true - when you lose weight, u feel better, and are in a better mood.

Miz said...

and this totally made ME smile and set my day up for, well, more SMILE'AGE.

off to take it on.