Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend Giveaway!!

With the weather getting colder & the holidays right around the corner, it seemed about time for a nice giveaway!! Thanks to BlogSpark & Progresso Soup, I will be giving away this weekend some great prizes for you to try!!

I tried these myself & they are AMAZING. I've always been a soup fan & Progresso is actually my favorite. So when they offered me this opportunity, I immediately said yes!! Here's what they sent me to test out:

These new light creamy soups are delicious & perfect for the cold day!! They are light enough to make a great lunch, but still perfect for dinner when it's just freezing out and you want something simple, but delicious!! My boyfriend ate up the Light Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese and LOVED it. He said it was rich & just the perfect blend of bacon with the potato and cheese. I tried it myself and had to absolutely agree with him. For the Chicken Pot Pie, it was just like I would have imagined, tasting absolutely divine and making it my favorite to bring with me to work for lunch!!

These soups are only 100 calories per serving, so you never feel guilty eating them!! Sometimes, I would make a light grilled cheese sandwich to go with it & it never failed to fill me up and keep me going for hours!!

And now it's your turn to test these out!! With the help of Progresso through BlogSpark, I'm giving away:
  • (2) Cans of Progresso® Light creamy soup
  • (1) Soup mug
  • (1) Lunch tote
  • (1) Water bottle
I've been using my lunch tote for EVERYTHING & it's definitely come in handy...even if just for snacks!! And the soup mug is my new favorite device. It keeps everything together for me & makes it easy to clean up after a meal.

To enter and win these fabulous items, please leave a comment about which soup you're excited to try!! For additional entries, make sure to like my facebook page (1 additional) or tweet about this great giveaway (1 additional entry). Following me on Twitter will of course earn you an extra entry as well!! (1 additional entry). And for that EXTRA chance to win, go make sure to like Progresso on Facebook (1 additional entry)!! So you can enter up to FIVE times!! Just make sure you leave a comment for every entry you've put in! Don't miss this amazing opportunity for it'll just be through the weekend. The winner will randomly be selected on Monday morning, so be sure to get your entries in before then.

And just in case you're curious about trying this delicious soup before the giveaway is up, here are some coupons to help you getting something yummy in your belly!!

Disclosure:  The coupons, information, and gift packs have been provided by Progresso® through MyBlogSpark.

UPDATE: Here is the link to my Facebook page, in case you couldn't find it :-) 


Julie said...

like to try the pot pie

Julie said...

like u on fb Julie A Scott Laws

Julie said...

like progresso fb Julie A Scott Laws

Holly said...

Creamy potato with bacon and cheese! I loooove potato soup! Add bacon to it and that just makes it so much better!

Holly said...

I like progresso on FB!

Holly said...

I can't find the link to your FB page. ;-;