Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Workout Wednesday - C25K


So I'm back at it again & trying to push my way through C25K...and I'm actually having success!!

I started on Monday & was able to push through and do the entire day. Today is going to be Week 1, Day 2 and I'm excited to power through again. I've definitely discovered that if I stay focused and just really push myself when I'm on the running's not so bad.

My rule for C25K has always been to not move on to the next day until I can fully complete the one before. I don't care if that means doing it twenty times over and over...if it will help to build up my endurance, than that's what it takes.

For days where I'm not working on C25K, I am doing some weight training. I figure switching off weights & cardio will help me to tone up while still dropping weight. Once I'm done with C25K, I'll start shocking my body with different exercises regularly, but for now...I'm determined to get this finished.


Chime in:
-Have you completed C25K? What did you think of the program?



Ivy said...

Good Luck!! I've tried the C25k a few times, but I end up never finishing. I think it's because I get impatient and want to advance to the more difficult part, and just burn out, and get bored with it. I really do want to try it again. I can run 2 miles without stopping, but my goal is to do a 5k!!

Emily said...

I tried to do C25K (only stopped because of injury) but I'm really pleased you're doing it properly. Takes lots of hard work!


Karla said...

I tried the C25K but I am not a runner!! at. all!!

I do my cardio but I am a walker, stairmaster gal and I can run tiny tiny bursts at a time.... oh well no marathons in my future!!