Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Name the Keurig!!

So...I am sooo excited to announce that I got my KEURIG today!! Thank you to my parents & sister for giving me the gift cards for Hannukah :-) I paired it with the Glee travel mug they got me last year & it is just wonderful. There is one thing I still want to do though...and that is give it a name. No joke...this thing is like a child to me at the moment (that's how long I've been waiting for one). So...any ideas??

I like the idea of I was thinking something with a K, of course. WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Help me out!!

Here it is:
Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL?? Hehehe



Karla said...

Ok, sounds like Google search time, what is this? Thee Master coffee maker? The Ferarri of coffee makers?

Emily said...

How about Harry? :D

spunkysuzi said...

I just got the same one :)