Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11 Pounds

Since getting sick...I have lost 11 pounds. That's a ridic amount of weight in a week and a half. My friend told me it's water, but my stomach has definitely shrunk because I get full soooo quick now.

I'm not fully better yet...still working on it. But I'm hoping I can use this as a kick start to losing more weight...

What do ya'll think?? Is that even a healthy idea??



myjourney said...

I think it happens to everyone when i get sick i cant even be around food it makes me feel worst..like you said let this be some kind of modivation but also realize that you could possible gain some weight back if once you get better you return to your regular eating routine..but take it slow.

Me said...

Wow! 11 pounds is a lot for just 1,5 weeks!
Like Myjourney said, you'll probably gain some back. But it could deffo be a new start.
Making a positive out of a negative. :)