Friday, August 5, 2011


Hey guys!

Sorry about the lack of posting...I'm still here. Just dealing with a lot of other stuff right now & trying to overcome it the best way possible. I'm trying to be as strong and wise as I can be, which is still hard sometimes. I'm still learning from my mistakes & finding ways in which to improve.

In other news, I am finally back on track with weight loss and dropped the 4 pounds that I keep losing & gaining...which hopefully, this time, will just lead to continuous losing.

Hope everyone is well!! I'll try to read & comment on blogs later today when things finally clear up a little.

Thanks for reading :-)


Fat in Suburbia said...

Way to go on the 4 lb weight loss!

Marcelle said...

Hang in there...this time will pass.

Joy said...

4 pounds is awesome!! Keep it up and stay focused. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!