Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Allergic Reaction

So...I have never really had any allergies in my life. At one point, I started getting sick when I ate shrimp, and I have family members with a shellfish that was the end of that. Then at one point, I was having problems eating dad is allergic to apples, so that was a thought for awhile...but after just taking the skin off, I was able to eat them fine.

A few days ago, my chest broke out in a rash. This was is now Wednesday & I have not slept because of how irritating the rash has become. It has spread across my chest & just is constantly nagging at me. What caused this rash? I still don't know. But, it's making me very very careful in what I eat, drink, and even wear.

Yesterday, I started sneezing nonstop and that has yet to stop as well. I think that may be from all the dust in the air after the hurricane...but who knows? All I know is that I am VERY uncomfortable & kinda miserable right now. I'm going to the doctor soon to get this all taken care of. Hopefully, we can figure out what I'm allergic to in order to avoid this happening again.

What are you allergic to? Is it hard to avoid it?? As mentioned, I've never had any major I'm curious to know how hard it is to avoid things that you love once you become allergic to them. I'd love to hear your please chime in!!



Dani said...

I never had allergies until a couple of years ago. One Christmas Eve, I was itching like crazy in my Aunt's basement. I thought it was from the air being dry. I itched all night too. The next morning, I had welts. I thought maybe we had bed bugs or something in my bed at my mom's, but my fiance didn't have any bites. Throughout the day, I itched so bad, and the welts spread like crazy. By the 2nd day, I had them all up and down my legs, and covering my torso. We figured out the only thing new I had was pomegranite juice. I a very little something else pomegranite a few months later and got another rash(much smaller this time). I feel your pain, allergy rashes are so itchy and uncomfortable!!!

FatGirl said...

I never had allergies until I was about 20. And I am now allergic to all fruit that has a pit or nut in it, fresh peas, some nuts, and Spring/summer lol, seriously I have to be on 2 different meds all through those 2 seasons.

Its a pain in my ass to not eat most fruit, especially when Im trying to lose weight!!

I can however eat the fruit when it is heated or cooled enough to kill the protein that I am actually allergic to.

If I were you I would go in and get an allergy test!
good luck, it sounds horrible!

Joy said...

I am allergic to eye make up. Makes me so mad! I have found one mascara that I can wear occasionally and I have been unable to find any eye shadow that works. Grrrr!

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Keep focused on your health and fitness plan!!