Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is going to be a quick post...

I weighed in this morning at 276. That's great that I lost a pound, but only one pound after 2 weeks is not the greatest thing to hear. This is all taking a lot longer than I thought. I think I might go see a doctor and ask what's going on and what I'm doing wrong.

It could honestly be because I'm under so much pressure right now. I haven't posted because I haven't had time. Between projects, tests, and work, it's hard to find the time to work out. I'm doing what I can, but I feel like my eating isn't BAD, but it isn't great right now either. I need to find the balance.

Hopefully next week I'll be posting more of a loss. I'm off to study for some more tests before class, but I'll post again (probably tomorrow) once all this work is done with.




dawne said...

Maybe you should get your hormones tested? Also, are you eating school food, or preparing your own?

Don't give up! I'll be cheering for you as you face school's pressures. a beautiful thing.

Finding The Thin Within said...

Don't get too down on yourself! 1 pound lost is better than a pound gained or even nothing lost =) Checking with the doc might not be a bad idea either. Just keep going, you WILL eventually get there, even if it is one pound at a time!

<3 Katie

Melissa @ Journey to Marvelous said...

Are you tracking your food at all? A big part of jump-starting the weight loss is really taking inventory of what you're eating and then making adjustments as necessary. Try to start reading labels, tracking calories and then see if that makes any difference!