Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So...apparently I have vertigo. It's a viral case of it because they told me it's been going on...but at least now I know what's wrong. They put me on some meds to try to calm my head, but she said it could last a good 2 weeks or so.

However, when they weighed me in the office, I was down 3 pounds. I'm starting to think my scale might be off, so I'm going to go ahead and count this afternoons weigh-in as my official weigh-in since I plan to buy a new scale this week. I still don't want to record it until tomorrow, but most likely, that's the number I'm going to count since it came straight from the doctor.

In other news, my blood pressure is excellent, so that's always good to hear. I have a little bit of a nasal drip, so part of my illness was probably caused by sinuses. I think that's about it. I'm ready for some GLEE tonight!! Until then, I have a lot of studying to do.


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