Sunday, September 26, 2010

October Goals

Alright guys...with October right around the corner, I've decided it's time to come up with some October goals.

First of all, Halloween. This is my goal date. I would like to be down 30 by that's 15 pounds in the month of October. I think I can do it...and if not, I would at least like to be toned up a little more by then. This is my last college Halloween, so I'm going big and have a cute costume planned and don't wanna look like a balloon in it!!

Second of all, I'm cutting down the size of my iced coffees. I know this once sounds stupid, but I always get large and I don't think I need all that. Granted, I get them made so they are only like 20 calories...but I still would like to reduce these. So, I'm cutting down to mediums in the month of October.

As for working out, it's time to start working out at least 3 times a week again. So that's a HUGE October work out at least 3 times a week...most likely Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Of course, if I get a few more workouts in each week...that's great too. But AT LEAST 3!!

So those are my goals. I'm going to participate in Katie from Finding The Thin Within's Gettin Sexy Challenge. Ya'll should join too!!

Hope everyone is starting the week off right!!


P.S. Week 3 of the Treat Free September complete...and successful once again!! And this was done with a big cupcake sitting in our I'm DAMN proud of this!! Hehe


Finding The Thin Within said...

So glad to have you, and yo'll totally be sexy by Halloween!!!

<3 Katie

Brittany said...

You should check out this challenge! It's gonna be great!

dawne said...

You so should be proud girl!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, what do you put in your iced coffee? If you are like me, I like mine a little on the sweet side. Doesn't that count as not being "Sweet Free?" I have a hard time going black...Sigh.

Good luck.

thinspired said...

Actually, I don't put sugar in mine :-) I get some sugar-free flavoring in it usually.

And this specific challenge allowed you to choose what treat free meant to you. To me, it meant giving up desserts and stuff like that.