Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feels Good

So, today I weighed myself on my NEW scale in the morning...then again after dinner, because I was curious. The weight was the same! For me, this means I'm on track. I can just feel it. Usually after all day, my weight has gone up some...the fact that it was the same means I ate good today & did what I needed to do.

So exciting!!

I'm heading up to DC next weekend to see the family, so I'm looking forward to that. Until then, it's work work work. My birthday is Tuesday though, so I'm super excited for that!! Plus, I got a new Vera Bradley duffel today!! SO EXCITED!! It's so cute & I've been wanting it for awhile.

I gotta go get ready to catch a movie with a friend, but I hope everyone is ready for a great weekend!! NCSU VS. VT -- 3:30 ON ABC!! GO PACK!!



Deb Willbefree said...

Being on track DOES feel good! :D Deb

dawne said...

Yipee for being back on track!!!! Let me know how you did on the challenge. I draw on Saturday.

Joy said...

Awesome job!!! Keep up the great work!!