Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Working Out--Part 2

So, first of all, I would like to thank everyone for all the great workout advice I was given...I noticed today how much more motivated I was to get to the gym!!

On top of that, I felt more motivated then ever before to eat right. Now, that wasn't a huge problem to start with since I've started this journey, but I admit that it could probably be ever better than it is now.

I'm very happy I made the decision to take a week off from weighing in. I'm hoping this means a HUGE loss next week...possible of 6-10 pounds?? We'll see...we'll see!!

So this week, I'm going on a hardcore cleanse in hopes that I will produce my biggest loss in this weight loss experience. For this week, I will be super focused on eating only the best of the best & working out more than normal. I think one week of hardcore working will set me off on the right foot. Especially since I've started feeling like I'm slowly drifting off the right path...

What do ya'll think?? Has there ever been a week in which you worked harder than normal in order to see a higher loss than usual??



KellyNY said...

Last week, I was extra diligent about my points & my sodium intake. It helped because I lost 2.4 lbs. About the cleanse - r u sure it's a good idea? Only because in my experience, you gain the weight back once the cleanse is over. But it's up to you. Keep up the motivation!

Raegun said...

I think I should plan to have a hardcore week coming up, because I really need it. Not sure if you read my post last week, but I didn't even weigh in!! *groan*
Next week I will rule the scale!!!! ha ha

Hungry For Living said...

Hey I am your newest follower! Hope you come by soon! =)

Miz said...


great idea taking a week off from the weigh!


Me said...

I did it a couple of times and I usually noticed that there wouldn't be any major loss right away. I t would take awhile to show up on the scale. But then later I would suddenly gain again for no apparent reason.
I do like 'cleansing' in some way or other. I started doing short (two week) 'detox' courses consisting of two (herbal) pills a day. I noticed I felt so much better. It especially improved my water/fluid retaining. It's balanced now. I'm going to do a 'detox' 3-4 times a year.
How are your weekly goals coming on?