Monday, August 9, 2010

What's Different This Time??

I caught myself thinking in the shower this morning and the #1 question on my mind was: what's different about this time??

I've tried losing weight before and given up after some time. Why is this time going to be so different??

I honestly think my biggest reason IS this blog. It's forcing me to be honest with myself and look back and see where I was right and where I went wrong. It makes me feel like I can't cheat myself because I'll just have to write it down.

What about you guys? What's different about this time??



Raegun said...

The blog has been a huge part of what's different this time for me. It helps me document what's going on, has been a huge source of motivation (by reading everyone else's stories!) and has helped remind me just how far I've come in a short time.

Ashley said...

I actually WANT to do it. I know my life will be so much better once I'm healthy. I want to have babies and live a nice, long life with my hubby. This is as much for him and our future babies as it is for me. I guess I stopped being so selfish, and decided to put him (and myself) in front of food.

SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

I think the thing that is different this time is that I know I can do it. I expect myself to succeed. In my previous attempts I never thought I'd be able to lose. Now I know I can.

Joy said...

For health reasons I had to get this done. Fortunately everything has fallen into place and I "get" what I need to do. Never could put all the pieces together before!! Blogging is also very important as I feel I'm accountable to you and everyone out there. There are eyes watching me to see if I can get this done. I want to be that living, breathing person they know that did it. I want them to say, "Well if "she" can do it, so can I." In my small way, I really want to help change this nation, to turn from obesity to great health and fitness!! Hugs!

Joanne @ MostlyFitMom said...

Just found your blog and had to comment because I love this question! This time I have a "support team" in the form of a personal trainer and dietitian, and the cost has SO been worth it. I am worth it! Also, I've been able to maintain my healthy habits during some very stressful and busy times (I'm a mom and dental student), so now I know I can stick with it no matter what! I just started blogging as added motivation, and reading every else's blogs really provides so much inspiration to keep on going. I'm not the only one who struggles at times, and that's comforting, ya know? Thanks for the post!