Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, I didn't hit 276, but I still lost two pounds for a weight of 278. So, that's exciting. And although I didn't actually have an official weigh-in last week because of vacation, I know that I was at 282 after vacation, so I've lost the vacation weight but 2 extra pounds!! So can't complain about that :-)

Next week, I will DEFINITELY hit the 10 pound loss mark!! I'm determined. This is all going a lot slower than I figured. I know there's no magical pill and that this can't happen overnight, but it's been 7 weeks and I've only lost 8 pounds. Granted, this is with at least 3 gains in there, so overall, 8 pounds isn't so bad. I just wish it could be a little more.

I've started two a day workouts. Once at the gym then once at home. I really like it--makes me feel empowered and good, like I have total control over my body and weight.

I've realized that I can't skip weigh-ins anymore. It's just a way of avoiding gains, which isn't good. This is only going to work if I can be completely honest with myself!! A gain is a gain and a loss is a loss. Sure, I'd rather see the loss...but if I gain, that allows me to go back and look at where I went wrong that week. If I lie to myself about the gain, then I'll miss the opportunity to look back and rethink my actions.

So take note that next week = 276!! It's time to hit that 10 pound mark!! And hopefully, once the first 10 are gone, the rest will just start to fall in place and come off as well!!



Plump Nonfiction said...

So happy for you! You are doing such a great job!

TJ said...

Great job on the loss! :) WHOOHOOO!

Adrienne said...

Good job girl!! I know how you feel! It took me about a year to lose 36 pounds.. definitley behind my schedule! But so many things came up, trials, hard times, and good times. All I can do now is make sure I do my plan EVERYDAY.. the key is consistency for me! I'm down over 40 now. :) So you are not alone.. but just think.. you are 8 pounds less and that's a lot of relief on your body! Have a great day.

SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

2 lbs is great! Especially coming home from a vacation.

Keep up the good work.

Aud said...

you go girl!! i am lucky to maintain after a vacation!! :) keep it up! p.s. i find your two-a-days inspiring :)

Raegun said...

Two a day workouts!? You are really kicking it into high gear - good for you!

freaking awesome body said...

Awesome job!!! 2-a-day workouts is crazy! Best of luck on 276 next week. =)


KellyNY said...

Good for you! Great WI!