Saturday, August 28, 2010

No More Tummy Space

So, I've noticed lately how not hungry I am. I'm pretty sure it's because of stress & the fact that my stomach is finally shrinking!! I'm super excited about this because the weight right now is just flying off. I'm talking like a pound a day. At least that's what it feels like.

I never had an initial lost of 10 I'm glad it's kinda happening now. It makes me feel it makes me SUPER anxious for Wednesday and weigh-in!!

I'm super exhausted, so I'm going to pass out early...but I'm trying to get back to posting once a day, so that's what this is. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!



Raegun said...

Award for you! Come stop by my blog...!

KellyNY said...

Good luck at WI!

Miz said...

I always laugh I come from a family of EAT WHEN STRESSED and married into a hardcore family of STRESSED? WE DONT EAT!ers.

ahhhh the dichotomy.

here's hoping you slept like the proverbial ROCK and are ready to ROCK your week.


Leanne said...

What a great feeling! I hope you have an awesome weigh-in. :-)