Monday, August 2, 2010

Better Fit

You know what feels great...when your clothes start fitting better again. That's what I noticed yesterday--how much easier my clothes slide on now. And they're back to being a comfortable fit. Not everything I own, but some of the stuff. Even my bracelet slid on easier than normal. Incredible feeling.

So, it's my day off--which means rest, rest, rest. I never get enough rest when I'm working because we just get so slammed at times, but when I can spend most of my day in bed catching up on some much needed sleep, I take advantage.

Oh yeah!! Before I forget...I noticed that I hit 30 followers (now 31)!! I just want to thank all of you for your support :-) It makes me so happy when I sign on & see that somebody left me a comment!! Plus, I love hearing from new people too!! So keep it up--the support from everyone really makes a huge difference!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!



Leah said...

Congrats at hitting 30 dear!! And also on being able to slip into your clothes!! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award!!

Joy said...

It's great when your clothes start feeling good again. Then the next thing happens, they are too loose and fall off. I know it's not a bad problem, but can get expensive. Especially when you have to get everything in a new size! So glad I can go to a regular stores now instead of the specialty stores. They are so expensive! (I might be able to try thrift stores now) When I was larger, I could not stand to go there to shop. Have fun with it! Hugs!